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Blessings Life Foundation Trust

Registered Office& Head Office

7/5., Kaliamman Koil Street,
Koyambed, Chennai- 600 107
Tamil Nadu., India

Principal Programme Office

Jacob Memorial Community College campus
Opp., Kalmadam, Balamor Road
Erachakulam - 629902
Kanyakumari (dt).,Tamil Nadu, India.

ANNUAL REPORT 2014 – 2015


             Our Organization  has been started on 19.01.2004 by Mr. C. Jacob and J. Ravi. The above trust has been made on the good intension of development for deserved people in our country.  So it was registered with the Govt of Tamil Nadu on 19.01.2006 under the Indian charitable Trust Act. Our trust has been functioning with the head office at Chennai.  Our trust functionary based on the vision to enlighten the poor in their life situation.  Our trust has been spreading throughout Tamil Nadu with offices at Chennai, Kanchipuram, Villupuram, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumar District.

               In this connection our trust has many administrative executive so as to enable to reach the benefits of the trust to the people who depend us such as Human Welfare & Research Programme, Health Welfare & Research Programme, Educational Welfare and Research Programme and Environment welfare & Research Programme. Further we are furnishing the following programmes which have been done in the year 2014-15.


Over this 12 months period we have embarked on 4 major programmes in Kanyakumari, Kanchipuram, Chennai & Thirunelveli Districts of Tamil Nadu. They have been conducted with the following four headings,

1) Human Welfare and Research Program

2) Health Welfare and

3) Educational Welfare and Research Program

4)Environment Welfare and Research Program

Project Area: TamilNadu


Free Tution Centre For Rural Area

The areas covered at Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari & Kanchipuram District.

5 Tuition centers have been provided for the school going students; the children covered in 5 centers would be 150.

These tuition centers have been provided extra knowledge to improve their standards.

By these tuition centers; around 130 students were benefitted in their educational standard.

Poor tribal students care Centres

            Found poor students and they were being carried out through this programme. Trained tribal teachers to the centers for conducting seminar classes to the students. Encouraging the students to become members of the centre to get benefits out of the programme 50 students were benefitted.

Formation of Youth Clubs

Covering areas at Kancheepuram and Kanyakumari District.

Encouraging youths to become members of the club to get benefits out of the programmes.

Counseling Centre for Youths

            Covering areas are as known as at Kanchipuram, Kanyakumari and Thirunelveli District. The numbers benefitted per camp 100 members. There are 4 camps were conducted and hence the number of students benefitted are 400.

Adolescent care centre

             The areas covered at Kanyakumari Distrect. Our programme to give health care checkup to the adolescent children. By this programme 100 persons were benefitted.


Primary Health Project

            The areas covered at Kanyakumari and Thirunelveli District. The primary health checks up were given to the students in each school. The beneficiaries by this camp program were about 2500 students.

Village Dispensary Centre

             The area are covered at Kanyakumari Dist and Thirunelveli Dist. Through our dispensary centre concentrate with accident patients along with minor disorder diseases. Then also Diabetic patient care explain them with 1500 CI Diabetic diet. After that we referred to hospital for further management. Though our centre more than 1000 peoples are usually getting beneficiary.

Breast and cervical cancer

             The areas covered at Tirunelveli, Chennai & Kanyakumari District. This programme to create awareness about breast and cervical cancer among the women. The beneficiaries by this program were 500 woman. They have been got awareness about Breast and cervical cancer.

General medical care for Village

             The areas covered for this program at Kanyakumari & Thirunelveli District. The general medical checkup were given to the village people; the medical Checkup such as eye checkup, complete physical examination. Medical camps were conducted in different areas. Where the hospital facilities not available. Our programmes have been conducted at 3 camps; total beneficiaries are 500 people.

Adolescent health & Reproduction

             The Area covered for this programme at Kanyakumari and Thirunelveli Districts. These camp programmes were benefited to Adolescent children. Totally 5 camps have been conducted and the number of beneficiaries are 250 people.

Tobacco Awareness Program

             The tobacco awareness programme was conducted every year among the school and college students. The Area covered at Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli District. These programs were also given awareness to the Danger of Tobacco among the public & treat who were affected by way of use of and Tobacco. The beneficiaries were about 150 members in this camp.

Indian Medicine & Medical Program

            The areas covered for this programme at Kanyakumari & Thirunelveli Districts. This awareness programme given special reference to Siddha Homeopathy & Ayurveda Yoaga, Naturopaths & Medicinal plant cultivation medicine. These awareness programs were conducted to the student’s school and public. The beneficiaries from this programme were 1000 students.


Vocational & Professional Training Centre

            These programs were conducted toward the students for gaining better knowledge in several study field. The area covered at Kanyakumari & Tirunelveli District. This Programme provided knowledge to students by giving training in health related vocational courses which have been approved by NCVRT Delhi. The beneficiaries from this program were 150 students. They were benefited by gaining special knowledge about the vocational Courses.

            In vocational training special computer training, spoken English Computer training, Attitude development, Skill development and Hindi classes. In view of conducted this program, the students are got more knowledge.

Computer Training

            The Area covered at Kanyakumari & Tirunelveli District in which school going students and those who have completed 10th & 12th standard and also those who were sitting at home without going for further studies.

Financial Support for Poor Students

            Children who were poor and unable to pay tuition fee and economically poor background students selected. Our Organization has been taken over there.


           The areas covered at Kanyakumari & Tirunelveli District special emphasis was given for creating community. This programme provided water sanitation awareness towards the public. In the Environment; water should be clean and better sanitation to the public to avoid infectious diseases. The beneficiaries by this camp the water are sanitized up to a great amount.

Global warming

             The global warming awareness program has been conducted every year to create awareness among the people as follows:

Global change is multifaceted (climate, nitrogen, land use, invasive, biodiversity, air quality etc.)

The green house effect is a natural process which is necessary to maintain living conditions on the plant; however, the natural planetary greenhouse effect has been augmented by human activities, including primarily fossil fuel use and deforestation.

Responsibility to improve environmental condition lies upon all of us to concentrate on preventing environmental degradation before it starts. Alternative are feasible and it can be used.

This Program was covered in Kanyakumari, Kanchipuram and Tirunelveli district. The program used to implement the cultivation of herbal plant; these herbal plants are useful in treating disease. By conducting these programmes about 100 students are benefited.